The General Terms and Conditions of the website (MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec ) are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1).

The website is operated by MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec, Ceste 80, 3252 Rogatec.

Shopping and ordering at is 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For various technical reasons, operations or access to the website are sometimes prevented at short intervals due to ongoing website maintenance. Due to the maintenance of the website, there may be occasional interruptions to the website and therefore incorrect information on product prices, descriptions and stock levels. The Supplier shall not be held liable for any incorrect data resulting from the maintenance and will inform the Customer of any problems that may arise when placing an order. The Provider reserves the right to restrict or suspend the sale of some or all of the Products for a limited or indefinite period of time, or to restrict or suspend access to the Online Shop for a limited or indefinite period of time. The Provider shall not be liable for the non-operation of the Shop due to lack of knowledge of how to use it, any consequences of misuse of the Online Shop, non-operation of the Service due to network failure, power failure or other technical malfunctions which may interfere with the use of the Service, temporarily or for a prolonged period of time.

The Buyer is bound by the General Terms and Conditions in force at the time of purchase - placing an online order. The User is reminded of the General Terms and Conditions each time he places an order and by placing an order he confirms that he is aware of them.

You can use the services of the online shop by registering as a user or by making a purchase without registering. When you register with the system, you will be given a username, which is the same as your email address, and a password. By registering or by making a quick purchase, you become a user and obtain the right to make a purchase. This applies to all persons over 16 years of age.

The Provider reserves the right to make any changes to the General Terms and Conditions without special notice. Changes shall be effective from the moment of publication and shall be binding on the user.


Once you have found the products you want to order, click on the "add to basket" icon. You can see how many items are in your basket in the top right of the basket. If you click on the basket button with your mouse, you will see a list of the items you have in your basket, the total amount and the remaining steps of the purchase.


When buying online, you can pay in the following ways:

Cash on delivery: cash on delivery allows you to pay for the product only when the delivery service (Post Slovenije) delivers it to your home. Payment can be made in cash. In addition to the delivery fee, the delivery service charges a fee for this service, which is not included in the invoice. You will collect and pay for the parcel at your nearest post office.

Payment by invoice: you will receive an invoice by post or by email to the email address you provided in your order. After payment of the invoice, the shipment will be dispatched within 1 - 4 working days; for out-of-stock and custom-made products, the delivery time is up to 15 days from the date of receipt of the order. In the event of a large number of bespoke products being received, we reserve the right to a longer delivery time.

If you have chosen to pay by invoice, you can pay by invoice into the published transaction account. The reference is the same as the order number!

Payment by PayPal: we accept payments via PayPal. When you complete your order, a PayPal page will open where you make your payment.

Purchases are subject to the prices at the time of order confirmation. All prices include VAT. Prices in the online shop are subject to change without notice.

In the event of any errors in pricing, we will allow you to withdraw from the purchase. The price of the product includes delivery for a distance of 0 to 15 km. In case the distance between the headquarters of MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec and the recipient of the product is more than 15km, the transport costs will be charged additionally.


All prices are in euros and include VAT (value added tax). Prices are valid at the time of order confirmation. The price valid at the time of confirmation of payment will be taken into account when making a purchase. Prices in the online shop are subject to change without notice. Images are symbolic.

The price includes delivery up to 15km from the location of the head office of MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec to the recipient's address. If the distance is longer, this will be charged extra.


You can buy products at special and discounted prices. Various promotions, sales and other marketing techniques are highlighted. The conditions of participation are clearly set out for each product to which the promotion or discount price applies.


Users can buy certain products with the help of special promotional codes, which can be obtained in various ways (leaflets, social media, mailings). The promotional code offers various benefits on purchase and is time-limited. The rules of use are clearly defined.


The manager of the MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec online shop is obliged to protect the personal data of its users in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1-UPB1).

The personal data of our users is one of the areas to which we pay the utmost care and attention. We make sure that all requirements are met and exceeded, as we are aware of the sensitive nature of this area. All personal data of the user of the online shop is confidential and will not be disclosed to unauthorised persons under any circumstances. Personal data is information that identifies you as an individual: your first name, last name, email or postal address, etc. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by users. We do not collect your personal data unless you give us permission or consent to do so - when you order products or subscribe to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by visiting [email protected] . If your personal data changes, please notify us of the changes at [email protected] . It is also the user's responsibility to protect their personal data by ensuring that their username and password are secure and that their computer is protected by appropriate software (anti-virus).

For the purposes of its business MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec collects the following user data:

  • name and surname,
  • address and place of residence,
  • email address (your username),
  • a contact telephone number,
  • password in encrypted form,
  • and other information that users enter in the forms on the website.

You can visit most of the pages in our online shop without disclosing your personal data, although some information is obtained automatically through the use of cookies, which are standard tools in the online industry. The use of cookies and web beacons allows us to recognise your IP address, the type of browser you are using and your general online activity. IP addresses are collected for security purposes.

Each user is assigned a session cookie at the start of their visit to identify and track their shopping basket. All the aforementioned data, except cookies, are stored permanently on the server of the company MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec. Session cookies are stored in the server's memory only for the duration of the visit and are deleted after one hour of inactivity, while persistent cookies are stored on the visitor's computer.

If you turn off cookies on your computer, you will not be able to make a purchase in the online shop.


The data collected and processed by MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec will only be disclosed if such an obligation is provided for by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary for legal proceedings before courts or other public authorities and for the protection and pursuit of the legitimate interests of MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec.


A cookie is a short text that a website sends to your browser when you visit. This is how the website recognises you, remembers information about your visit and provides you with a friendlier and simpler online service. We use cookies to personalise the content on our website, remember your preferences and record your visit to our online shop. Browsing our online shop is more pleasant, faster and above all more efficient with cookies.



The order will be refused if it is found that it cannot be fulfilled under the stated conditions and with the information available to the online shop. The Buyer may not request the fulfilment of such an order.


The online shop shall start the activities necessary to execute the accepted order as soon as it is received. The supplier must deliver the goods or services within the promised time. At the time of delivery, the provider must provide the user with additional information concerning the right of withdrawal, in particular the conditions and the manner of exercising the right itself. It must provide all the necessary information concerning the address to which the user can turn in the event of a complaint.


The electronic order placed or the purchase contract concluded is stored at the company's headquarters. The customer can monitor all his orders on his profile.


Pursuant to Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act, the Buyer may, within 14 days of receipt of the goods, give written notice to the Seller to withdraw from the contract or order without any special reason. The notice of withdrawal may be given by the buyer on a form or by an unequivocal statement clearly indicating that he is withdrawing from the contract.

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the company shall reimburse the buyer for all payments received immediately or, at the latest, within 14 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal. The company shall reimburse the payments to the consumer by the same means of payment as used by the consumer, unless the consumer has requested the use of another means of payment. The consumer shall not bear any costs for the refund.

The Buyer must return the goods within 14 days of the cancellation notice. Upon return of the goods, the Buyer will receive a refund. You can find the withdrawal form online.



Orders are usually dispatched within the agreed timeframe. We agree a delivery date with the customer. We deliver with our own transport.

The price includes delivery up to 15km from the location of the head office of MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec to the recipient's address. If the distance is longer, this will be charged extra.


You can also collect your products in person at the company's headquarters. When completing your purchase, please select the PERSONAL COLLECTION option. There are no postage costs in this case.


If the product covered by the guarantee does not work perfectly or does not have the characteristics stated in the guarantee certificate or the advertisement, the consumer can first request that the defects be rectified. If the defects are not rectified within a total period of 45 days from the date on which the manufacturer, seller or authorised repairer receives the consumer's request for rectification, the seller must replace the defective goods free of charge with identical, new and faultless goods. If the seller fails to repair or replace the goods with new goods within the period referred to in the preceding paragraph, the consumer may terminate the contract or request a reduction in the purchase price.

The Seller must issue a new claim for the replaced goods or an essential part of the goods replaced by a new one. The consumer's rights under this Article shall expire after two years from the date on which the consumer requested that the defects be rectified free of charge or that the goods be replaced by new ones.


All products are inspected before delivery and dispatched undamaged.


In the event that the delivered products do not meet the characteristics or specifications of the ordered products, you must notify us within 8 days from the date of receipt of the product. Please return the products in the original sales packaging and in the condition in which you received them. Please enclose a completed returns form, which we will send by email on request, with a brief description of the reason for the return. We will refund the value of the returned product, excluding shipping costs, credit or arrange for a new product to be made.


MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec, Ceste 80, 3252 Rogatec complies with the applicable consumer protection legislation and makes every effort to fulfil its duty to establish an effective complaints handling system.

The customer may lodge a complaint in several ways, namely in writing, by e-mail [email protected] and orally on the record at the MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec, Ceste 80, 3252 Rogatec.

The competent personnel at MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec, Ceste 80, 3252 Rogatec will decide on the complaint as soon as possible, or at the latest within 8 days of receipt of all the documentation necessary for the assessment. MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec will send a reply to the complaint with the relevant explanations in writing to the customer's contact address (in most cases an e-mail address). The customer has the right to lodge an objection to the complaint. MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec will send a decision on the objection with the relevant explanations in writing to the customer's contact address within 15 working days. The decision of MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec is thus final and the internal complaint procedure is closed. If the customer is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, he/she may bring an action before the competent court.


In the event of defects in the shipment or in the goods delivered, the Buyer shall first contact the Seller directly, by complaint. The Seller shall then, within a reasonable time, depending on the nature of the problem, reply to the Buyer by rejecting or confirming the complaint and offering possible solutions to the matter.

If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute by mutual agreement, the court of competent jurisdiction shall have jurisdiction in Celje.

In accordance with Article 32 of the Act on Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution (ZIsRPS) MARKA gostinsko trgovsko podjetje d.o.o., Rogatec, Ceste 80, 3252 Rogatec does not recognise the competence of IRPS providers to resolve a consumer dispute that may be initiated by the customer in accordance with this Act. The buyer may also lodge a complaint on the EU's Online Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform (ODRP). The online link to the ODRP is available here.


We undertake to provide the following information to the customer at all times:

  • the identity of the company (name and registered office, registration number);
  • contact details that allow the user to communicate quickly and efficiently (email, phone);
  • the essential features of the goods or services (including after-sales service and guarantees);
  • the final price of the good or service, including taxes, or the way the price is calculated if it cannot be calculated in advance because of the nature of the good or service;
  • product accessibility (every product or service offered on the website should be accessible within a reasonable time);
  • payment terms, terms of delivery of the product or service (method, place and time of delivery);
  • information on any additional transport, delivery or shipping costs, or a warning that such costs may be incurred if they cannot be calculated in advance;
  • the time validity of the offer;
  • the terms, conditions, deadlines and procedures in the event of withdrawal from the contract; and if and how much the cost of returning the goods is;
  • an explanation of the complaints procedure, including full details of the contact person or customer service;
  • Awareness of liability for material defects;
  • the possibility and conditions of after-sales services and voluntary guarantees, where applicable;
  • information on the compatibility of the digital content with the hardware and software of which the undertaking is or should be aware.

Errors may occur in the preparation of the website which are beyond our control and for which we cannot be held responsible. In the event of a significant variation in prices or technical data, we will inform you at the time of your order.


Shopping and paying online is secure. All monetary transactions made in the online shop are protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and the Secure Data Encryption protocol. For your security, all payments made by credit card are processed in real time with instant verification of your details with the banks.

All data you provide to us is encrypted using SSL data encryption technology. The data encryption process ensures that personal data cannot be intercepted. Personal data is transferred in encrypted form from your computer to the bank's authorisation server and is not stored on the provider's server. To check whether your browser is in secure mode when making a payment, look for the lock icon in the bottom corner or at the end of the address bar in your browser.


When editing the website, we try to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. However, criminal and civil liability for factual or legal errors in the information is excluded and we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or inconvenience that may be caused to the user as a result of the use of any incorrect or inaccurate information that may appear on this website.

We reserve the right to change any information included or accessible on this website at any time without prior notice. The content published on this website does not have the character of an official document, except where specifically stated. Neither shall we be liable to users for any damages that may arise from technical problems, or from the inability to access the website or the inability to use the information contained in or derived from the website.

This website also contains links to other websites of legal and natural persons, for which we accept no responsibility for the content, design and updating of these websites, nor for their possible policies towards website visitors.

All text, images, graphics, animations and other documents contained on the website are, to the extent permitted by law, subject to copyright or other forms of intellectual property protection. The content of the websites may not be copied, distributed, modified or otherwise reproduced in any way, except with our written consent.


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